Making digital art tangible

AELIG reinvents the NFT experience by adopting low-energy displays to free art from cables while proving the authenticity and ownership of the artworks.

Tangible NFTs

Our frames bring digital art into the real world and make their handling as easy as handling any other art in a frame.


Using modern technology our frames can prove the authenticity of the contained art work.

Natural look

Art is presented using natural light diffusion, similar to how objects in nature are made visible, resulting in a natural look within our frame.


Hi-Tech: thanks to the e-paper technology, your artwork is presented using natural light diffusion and can be displayed in the screen forever with no energy consumption.

Easy-to-use: The mobile app allows to upload the image seamlessly and the NFT will be displayed on the frame with an optimization algorithm which ensures the best rendering.

Authentic: The artwork ownership is verified thanks to the integration with the Smart Contract (currently available on Ethereum and Polygon) and the NFT is always owned by the user.

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